Linked Old Germanic Dictionaries

The Linked Old Germanic Dictionaries consist of RDF editions of multiple original resources of linked lexical resources. Note that due to the lack of high-quality source material available in machine-readable form and/or open licenses, the ressources assembled here are not to be recommende for direct usage in philological studies. Nevertheless, they may provide a worthful toolbox for developing NLP applications.

Details can be found in an upcoming paper by Chiarcos & Sukhareva (2014), Linked Germanic Dictionaries, presented at the 3rd Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics (LDL-2014), Reykjavik, Iceland, May 2014.

The lexicons are continuously extended. At the moment, they are based on two sources:

The languages currently covered include:

Both dictionaries are linked with Wiktionary (lemonUby edition): for every Old High German, Gothic, Middle and Old English word mentioned in the German resp. English Wiktionary, a rdfs:seeAlso link was created.

At the moment, only the bilingual word lists can be made available, with triple counts as follows:

OE OHG DE (Wkt) EN (Wkt)
Lat 13,762
Got 45,192 23 (Wkt)
OE 56,992 8,762, 532(Wkt)
ME 4,162, 147 (Wkt)
MDu 38,032
OHG 71 (Wkt)
EMHG 12,382

Additional dictionaries compiled from a massive parallel corpus of Germanic languages are continuously being added. At the moment, the automatically compiled dictionaries comprise in total: